LEAD TEACHER – Anand Shekhar
Supported by lead teachers from Yoga Ashram

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If you wish to actually feel the transformation from deep within or have an urge to transform someone’s life through Yoga, then Yoga Ashram Teacher Training is the one for you! It’s not about learning everything there is to know about teaching that perfect class, it’s about being true to yourself. It’s about peeling away all your insecurities, facing them head on and getting over them with renewed confidence and vigour.
You start to blossom, its no longer about just doing “ sessions”, you go deeper into the intricacies like never before. Feeling truly empowered, you are better equipped to face life’s challenges and more importantly, you can create a change in others, in your very surroundings. True fulfilment comes when you are able to transform others, transform the planet we live in today.

Our online LIVE Interactive Teacher’s Training Program is ON

“ Yoga Ashram Teacher Training”

200Hr Yoga Alliance certified

Starting from 07th of July until 25th of August 2020

300Hr Yoga Alliance certified

Starting from 07th of July until 01st of September 2020

Bookings are now open

Why Yoga Ashram Yoga Teacher Training?

• We offer step by step hands on training to become a unique mix style Yoga teacher. Learn traditional and modern yoga styles
• You will be confident, prepared and ready to take your first yoga class as soon as the training is complete
• you will know how to market yourself as a Yoga teacher to take one to one & group, classes and hold yoga workshops
• This training is for all – serious yoga students who want to deepen their practice, aspiring Yoga teachers or current yoga teachers.
• You will be able to unlock your potential as a true Yogi and have a deeper understanding of Yoga – Physical, mental and spiritual aspects of us.
• It is also unique in that it covers all the Yoga Traditions both Traditional and Modern.

This program is open to experienced and future Yoga teachers, Corporate individuals, Professionals in their respective fields, and all others who want to ‘deepen’ their yoga practises and individuals who want to take fuller control of their mental and physical lives.


– Step by step hands-on training

– Become a Unique Yoga teacher.

– Learn Traditional and Modern Yoga Styles

Lead teacher Anand Shekhar
Supported by Yoga Ashram Teaching Faculty:

  • Vibin Ainikkal
  • Kavita Pillay
  • Jaya Harikumar
  • Harsha Varyani
  • Rashi Datt

200Hr Yoga Alliance Certified

07th July 2020 – 25 August 2020

300Hr Yoga Alliance Certified

07th July 2020 – 01st September 2020

All classes will be conducted online via ZOOM.

200 hrs – AED 6,000 + Vat (one-time full payment before the end of June)
200 hrs – AED 7,500 + Vat  ( instalment is accepted) T&C apply
300 hrs – AED 8,000 + Vat (one-time full payment before the end of June)
300 hrs – AED 9,500 + Vat  ( instalment is accepted) T&C apply

Key Components

  • Classes will be from morning 0700 am to 10 am and 2 hours in the late evenings. Detailed outlines will be handed out before each class, allowing students to fully concentrate on the subjects of the day without taking notes.
  • All classes will be online interactive classes including practice in a wide range of postural, controlled breathing and meditative techniques and required theory classes.

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All qualified TTP participants will get the certificate,  and the program is certified by Yoga Alliance & Reps (20 CPD points for existing Reps clients)

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