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Sneha Aurora

Yoga, Healing and Music – My Journey

Trained as a Semi-Indian Classical Vocalist, she pursued various career paths, that of being a singer & performer, a linguist and finally chose Yoga, as a way of life and career. Being guided by her mentor Harendra Khurana, a healer, sound therapist and her guru, she was naturally drawn to yoga practise at a very young age, to build an artistic temperament.

More than a decade now, teaching different forms of Yoga, conducting workshops and Kirtans in different countries gave me the opportunity to connect with amazing people around the world, like Hongkong, Dubai, Turkey, Bali and North America, and thus helped them towards a healthier way of life and being.

Community spirit / Sangha is a core value and intent of Yogihearts!

She received formal training of Yoga at renowned institutes and schools including B.K.S. Iyengar, Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Yoga India, Siddha Samadhi Yoga and Himalayan

Yoga Iyengar Centre in India.

Victoria Chandrasekharan

Teachers Profile:
Viktoria has started her journey on the path of yoga in 2005 - some 13 years ago - in Budapest, Hungary. Being a stressed-out Public Relations Consultant at the time, her first ever yoga course brought a much-needed break and reboot mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually in her life.

This transforming experience has led her to become a teacher of the Art of Living only 2 years later, teaching breathing techniques, meditation and yoga part-time. An eventual career change and life change has followed.

Viktoria is a trained yoga instructor with the Sri Sri School of Yoga and has been teaching
yoga classes and workshops internationally for 4 years, mainly in the Middle East. At present, she is associated with the well-known Yoga Ashram – her favourite place in Dubai.

Viktoria loves her yoga practice, arts, reading and travelling.

Liisi Kitsing

RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Yoga Alliance

Hobbies - hiking, green living, badminton, diving, stand up paddle boarding, cooking, dog fostering, travelling, yoga

Every pose I ask my students to take, every thought I ask them to think about, every part of the body I ask them to become aware of, first needs to resonate with me. Therefore, my own practice is the key that enables me to teach, whether it’s an injury or a fun fact. It may sound a cliche but my inspiration comes from within, my past experiences as well as my teachers, books, quotes and of course my students.

I usually first write down a sequence that is in my mind, often something I have thought of during my own practice, then practice it myself to ensure it flows nicely and make any changes if necessary. Before teaching, I do some further reading about the poses and their variations, making sure that the class would be safe for all levels.

Munishwer Goswami

Teachers Profile :
Munishwer is a passionate, inspiring and highly skilled teacher dedicated to uplifting his students. He not only uses Yoga as an accurate and therapeutic science but also as a creative and graceful art. His approach aims to strengthen your body and increase its flexibility while also simultaneously cultivating the mind & spirit. He has intimately dived into the vast knowledge of Yogic science enriching his instructions with precision and physical safety. Munishwer also integrates music and chanting in his classes, letting you explore Yoga for its calming, soothing capacity.

While his involvement with Yoga began in 2003, his passion intensified and soon became a way of life by 2005. Munishwer’s thirst for Yogic knowledge took him to many ashrams all around India where he studied traditional scriptures of Yoga, Yoga in different societies, Yoga and Psychology, Pranayama, Cleansing Processes of Kriya Yoga, Anatomy, Yoga Therapy including treating Diabetes, Stress, Obesity, Back Ache, and Digestive Problems, also assisting women during pregnancy.

• Post Graduate Diploma in Yogic Science & Human Conscious from GurukulKangari University, Haridwar, India in 2005
• Master Degree in Yogic Science (M.A.) from Dr. H.S. Gaur University, Sager in 2007
• One year Junior Diploma in Sanskrit at Dr. H.S. Gaur University, Sager in 2007
• Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) Dubai in 2011
• Master Level of the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki System of Natural Healing
• Experience in Thai Yoga massage
• Completed Vipassana course of Meditation
• Knowledge in Chakra energy healing

Vibindas Ainikkal

Vibindas Ainikkal, Yoga Siromani, and certified Clinical Yoga instructor by CRIYA, Kottakkal, is an instructor of Yoga, traditional Martial Arts Kalari, Ayurveda, Pranayama, shadkarma, and Panchakarma.

Vibin’s involvement with Yoga began in 2000. Vibin thirst for Yogic knowledge took him to many ashrams all around India where he studied traditional scriptures of Yoga, traditional Martial Arts Kalari and Karate, Yoga and Ayurveda, Pranayama, Shadkarma, Panchakarma, Yoga for Weight loss,Yoga Anatomy, Clinical Yoga Therapy including treating Diabetes, Arthritis, Obesity, Back pain, and Digestive Problems.

He is a passionate, inspiring and highly skilled teacher dedicated to uplifting his students. He not only uses Yoga as an accurate and therapeutic science but also as a creative and graceful art. His approach aims to strengthen your body also healing and increase its flexibility while so simultaneously cultivating the mind & spirit.

 Certificate in Clinical Yoga
 Certificate in International Shivananda Yoga
 Diploma in Ayurveda Panchakarma
 Diploma in Holistic SPA Therapy
 Certificate in Physical trainer
 Diploma in Fire and Safety Engineering
 Diploma in Hardware and Networking
Hobbies: eating, sleeping, training

“I’m inspired to have a little more faith in what I already know combined with my desire to keep learning. Teach authentically with what I know to be true but with the knowledge that those truths might change down the road. Trying to find a balance that will strengthen me as a teacher.”

Daniel Kaleb

Certified yoga in daily life instructor, individual trainer and nutritionist. Vegetarian bodybuilding champion, with 20 years of experience in yoga and fitness field.
Promotor of a conscious and healthy lifestyle.

Dina Kassir Kfoury

Dina's Yoga practice began in 2002 in Beirut as part of my fitness routine before she made it my career in 2009 when she travelled to India to pursue my studies and become a teacher.
She fell in love with Aerial Yoga and found in it a tool to explore even more freedom in the body by moving in space rather than on the mat and started teaching it in 2015.

• Certified RYT 200 From Sivananda School of Yoga
• Vinyasa flow teacher training with Max Strom, Nico Luce, Clara Roberts- Oss, Julie Martin.
• Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor with YogaFirst Middle East

When not in Yoga pants, she’s usually in a corner eating chocolate, drinking coffee and reading about medical stuff or about History and Arts (She’s actually an archaeologist!)

Dina is mostly inspired by her students, especially those who have physical disabilities or going through health problems; seeing them determined to move gives her the motivation to help them improve, not only physically by also mentally.

Samah Hamza

A dedicated Vinyasa Flow practitioner, Samah began her yoga journey 10 years ago when she discovered a good one hour’s stretch well complemented her fitness regime. On and off practice, it was only when she left her fast-paced PR job to turn full-time mom, postpartum depression led her to dwell deeper on the mat - she soon found a new world that spelled happiness, peace, compassion, agility and balance all in abundance. And ever since, there has been no looking back - she achieved her true intention in life which came with an intense longing to share. Samah believes in the power of mind and body bound together and hopes to radiate that on to the world.

Samah draws inspiration from movement and sequences that pushes her to face fears and hesitations, to take on challenges and grow beyond limitations. She is drawn by the breath, the stillness and the energy, the power to do anything or nothing at all without being judged or compared. She loves how she can transfer the mat mindset into her daily life. Evolve your journey with Samah as she uses challenging sequences with a touch of inspiration letting you live, flow and love!

Cristina Najjar

MBA graduate with 7 years experience in staff training and client education. Skilled in developing individual capabilities through coaching, specifically in the service industries of education and wellness. Ability to communicate tactful feedback and cultivate a progressive learning environment. Seeking opportunities to facilitate a variety of training, workshops, and classes worldwide!

• 2017 Brahmani Yoga RYS 300 Hour Advanced Certificate; India
• 2016 Ballet Sculpt Continuing Professional Development 10 Hours; UAE
• 2016 Balanced Body Mat Pilates Level 1 & 2 Certificates; UAE
• 2012 Yogis Anonymous RYS 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Certificate; USA
• 2012 Haute Yoga RYS 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Certificate; USA
• 2008 Certified Tutor; College Reading & Learning Association, USA
• 2008 Certified Mediator; Chapman University School of Law, USA

Hobbies: I really enjoy free-form dance, hiking, walking my dog, the beach, camping, and travelling.

Inspiration: I am inspired by how much this practice has helped me in my life and I want to share that with others. I believe vulnerability and connection with people make this journey all worth it.

Lea Daaboul

Lea's yoga practice started in 2014 and gradually grew intensively over the Years. Her passion for yoga and helping others lead her to become a RYT 200 yoga teacher.

Her favorite practices range from Hatha to Vinyasa. However, Lea focuses on teaching Vinyasa, a flowing yoga linking asana to asana while using deep inhales and exhales. It is also a form of cardio and offers a variety of movements to gently encourage students to grow confidence and overcome their weaknesses. Through dedicated practice and patience, students will learn to deepen their breath and eventually hold asanas longer with focused balance and proper alignment. Most importantly, Lea shares the value and art of being fully present during the practice to help naturally increase strength and flexibility for the mind and body.

Lea believes that through the practice of yoga, you are capable of overcoming all the difficulties in the world and it all begins with “you”.

Tatiana Parsons

Tanya is committed to sharing the wisdom of yoga for greater health, happiness, well-being and self-realization. She believes yoga is a spirit of healing, love, transformation, service and higher states of consciousness.
She teaches dynamic power, Vinyasa, Hatha, kids and swing /aerial a yoga at various studios around Dubai.

• Masters Diploma in finance
• 500 hour Yoga Alliance certified
• Certified hypnotherapist with EKAA Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Foundation, India and now studying hypnotherapy with D Elman Hypnosis Institute USA and UK Hypnosis Academy

HOBBIES: I’m passionate about yoga culture and travel to India

My passion is to help people in their yoga practice by sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm!
And to help my clients in reaching their fitness and wellbeing goals, making their life happier, more positive and under control through hypnotherapy and NLP.


Kavita is having M.A. in Human Consciousness and Yogic Science in yoga and M.PHIL Yoga Nidra. Kavita's areas of specialization are Traditional Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Chair Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Mantra chanting and meditation.

· M.Phil. in Human Consciousness and Yogic Science.
· M.A. in Human Consciousness and Yogic Science.

Vipin Methassery

Vipin has always been a seeker a believer and will take you far and deep into the secrets of yoga.
Having spent years of practice and study in his personal yoga lab, connecting the traditional yoga texts to the path of the modern yogis, and guiding students into a space of safety, inquiry and experimentation so that they can recognize their inner tools to actually know the teachings in their own bodies and trust the wisdom of their own experience.


A Yoga Alliance Registered RYT200, REPS Certified Traditional Yoga from Dharamshala India and Acro Teacher Training from Seattle Acro.
Reiki First and Second Degree Natural Healing and Reiki III-A Master Healing.
Have been teaching at Yoga Festivals, Yoga Camps and private and public weekly classes outdoors and in corporate offices.

I love Sleeping & Dreaming 🙂 A big dreamer... along with Movies, Masti, Magic & Photography...

Inspiration :
The wisdom and joy of giving and spreading love, peace and confidence with smiles among the beautiful souls is the best feeling & Inspiration I derive from my classes.

Ranga Ramanchandran

Rangaji is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher and also holds a Masters of Yogic Science from SVYASA University Bangalore. He has a strong interest in how yoga can be used to maintain health and combat lifestyle-related diseases. He has spent time applying yoga techniques to patients in hospitals in Bangalore, including apprenticing under Dr.John Ebenezer in his orthopaedic hospital and with Dr.Gladson Johnson in understanding biomechanics and application of exercise in the field of injury management and prevention. Rangaji compliments his knowledge in yoga with foam rolling and self-myofascial TP therapy.

• Certified Iyengar yoga teacher
• Masters of Yogic Science from SVYASA University Bangalore
• Yoga instructor's course from SVYASA University Bangalore
• Yoga instructor's course from Yoga Mandir, Bangalore

Hobbies: Photography, Gaming
Inspiration: B.K.S. Iyengar


Chandnee Kaurani believes that Yoga is much more than the asanas - it is about how well you connect with yourself and how often you do it. She also believes that a balance of yogic diet, Suddhi Kriyas and observing mindful silence is necessary for all, in today’s stressful lifestyle.

• Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Education from Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute
• Dancing, travelling, dancing, trekking
• Yoga and mindfulness have not only changed my life but have also made me a better person.


Whilst working as an HR consultant, I started learning and practicing traditional Hatha Yoga in 2013. The practice soon got me interested in enhancing my knowledge and understanding about this supreme art and science of living. I hence enrolled myself in Masters of Yoga program at SVYASA (Bangalore) University (which I also, completed it successfully) Attention to breathing is at the heart of my practice. By using our breathing to tune out daily thoughts, we can explore our own limitations, breath into them and in so doing become slightly better versions of ourselves than we were one breathe before.

• MSc, Yoga
• BA, Psychology
• Diploma, Yoga Teacher Training Course (700 hours)
• Diploma, Yoga Therapy and Naturopathy (1 year)
• Certificate course in Power Yoga
• MBA, Human Resources

I like to indulge in sci-fi movies to give myself a break from the practical person I am. Reading comes before movies, my favourite book being “the Bhagavad Gita” and ‘dancing wu li masters’. People also say that I’m good at creative DIYs and designing homes.

Harry Badjata

Born in India, in the beautiful city of Dharamshala and have been practicing Yoga since 18 years old. After college, he decided to learn more and went to Bangalore to further his Yoga Study. He is certified as a Yoga instructor and postgraduate in Yoga therapy.

After graduating, he started teaching Yoga and went to China and Hong Kong to complete some workshops.
In 2010, he got the opportunity to move to Dubai as Yoga Instructor.
Shanti, Shanti, Shanti (Peace, Peace, Peace)

Hobbies: Sports, Yoga, Trekking
Inspiration: Best thing about Yoga is that you can enjoy your life to its fullest. You can control your senses and gives peace of mind. Once you have learnt to control your mind, it will be your best friend and help you achieve whatever you want to gain in life.


Anand started his yoga practise from childhood days and his constant search of the Truth has helped him to evolve into a powerful Yoga practitioner.

He brings into his teachings a strong blend of power, passion, alignment and meditation. Whether you are a beginner or an Advanced Practitioner, you will always get what you need from his teaching sessions. Be assured of a complete transformation in your whole being that comes with regular practise with Anand.

Anand did his training from Abhinam School of Yoga with Yog Namito. He is a certified 500Hrs Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and oftentimes is a guest teacher in a few reputed schools of India.

- He is a 500 Hours certified teacher of Yoga Alliance

Clare Moukabaa

• Yoga Teachers Training Course- Ashtanga & Hatha
• Reps Certified Yoga Instructor